Here Goes…

Here goes, just jump in Mary said, so I’m jumping Mary! (Please check out her blog!)

I decided today was the day because I had a revelation. Stay tuned, its not earth shattering or anything, but I need to tell you (and future me!).

Yesterday I finished a grueling sew, it was a black lace pencil skirt of impeccable finish. At least in my dreams (more in the next post). I wore it to the Municipal Council Christmas Party last night and not even a split zipper. But the wonderfully Christmassy Greens Councillor Matthew Robertson commented in his devilishly red cardi thang that no one was wearing Christmas colours and I agreed – we were mostly funereal! So chic, so Sydney eastern suburbs, but woefully funereal. Me in my smart black lace skirt of impeccable finish and purchased black draped top of drop the credit card and get thee to the ball pronto.


Anyhoo, when I finish a sewing project I clean up. Soooo important to me the clean up. Funnily enough, it doesn‘t signify the end of a project but the anticipation of a new one. The other thing I try really, really hard to do is mend something. There’s always something lurking in the nether regions of my sewing dungeon to mend. I opened a box where I recalled having shoved a green dress -outer and lining of ebay silk. I don’t bugreen bauble dress in boxy on ebay very often and won’t ever again after this silk and its cousins. They were shipped to me from China at a good price, but after sewing up my green bauble dress I realised the silk is sooooo thin. Then I tried her on and something said to me, put belt loops on that baby and maybe it will work. Instead, it has languished in the box of shame for nearly a year (maybe more)!


I stripped down to the undies and put her on. My, my, my, what have we here? A perfect little festive dress that’s what. Replete with myriad green baubles and a rather fetching blue facing to make friends with the blue belt.What on earth was I thinking? This is a little Christmassy gem this once shamed dress and the construction is pretty too.

bauble dress front


My epiphany? Sometimes it’s the wrong season, wrong occasion, wrong length/width, but sometimes its just the wrong mindset. Oh and I’ve been doing these classes which have put some tone in my almost menopausal sagging muscles and maybe, just maybe I like what I see in the mirror a little more than when I made the Christmassy bauble dress.



Body image is a strange beast isn’t it?


Pattern is an adaptation of a Style Arc Georgia peplum top

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  1. Gorgeous blog! I love all the photos and am so glad you took the plunge so that you could share your awesome projects.
    Thanks for the shout out!

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