Black Lace Pencil Skirt


This baby was a long time in the making. At the beginning of 2014 I made a resolution to learn to sew lace. I’m been petrified of lace – is that normal? The stuff is soooo expensive and looks soooo precious.

I paid about $120 AUD for this lace at Fabric Muse in Chippendale and took the utmost care in layout, then after cutting realised I hadn’t accounted for the vent, I didn’t have enough fabric. Later on I completely scrapped the vent anyway, but off I trotted to the fabric shop again for “another $60 worth of French lace please Mrs”.


Having forked out $180 for the lace already I was reluctant to buy lining fabric. Wowza, look whats in my stash – crazy beautiful lycra silk lining originally from Tessuti.

Oooops, I forgot to sew up the hole left to access the innards - did you notice?!
Oooops, I forgot to sew up the hole left to access the innards – did you notice?!

The owner of Fabric Muse humoured me while I poured my anxious heart out to her about all sorts of potential disaster to be found designing and fabricating a back vent in lace. She suggested I circumvent the whole vent thing (boom ching!)and add an exposed zip at centre back. Yessssss, that’s just the thing and I was sure I’d snaffled a black satin separating RiRi zip when I holidayed in New York a couple of years ago.

I scoped out A Challenging Sew’s blog for the Marfy skirt sew-along, but to be honest, all that coutureishness just makes me hot and sweaty – not in a good way. In a nearly 37C Sydney humid summer way and I’m all about less layers, not more. Perhaps its also because the sartorially elegant Lisa Stanton is wearing her Marfy creation in the snow; nice cool snow. Certainly I would hesitate to wear my skirt in summer if it were underlined and lined. Perhaps that will be a decision I regret one day when it gets ‘le saggy backside’?

Now I am no way saying my skirt is a couture example – I’ve used strictly RTW methods. But what about you, how do you keep garments cool? Is it even possible to use couture techniques in hot humid climates? Do spill.


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  1. I love the finished skirt! Looks very professional – and no of course I didn’t notice any errors.
    What fun lining 🙂
    Re crazy Sydney summer – I think the only solution is to start sewing swimwear because NOTHING else seems tolerable at the moment!

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