The Makers Journal – Freddie Vest





I made this Freddie Vest a year ago and have never worn it. Why you ask? Because there is way too much ‘boof’ over the ‘boobage’ for my liking, I made a size 12, small for my full bust measurement. Would I bother to unpick the lining and dart that boof? Possiblynot, it just seems too young for me. This coming from a person who attended a 3 day music festival 2 weeks ago – never again!. Aaaagh, the sleepless night in a tent.  I love music – all music. But sleeping with only nylon to protect my ‘ear plugged’ ears from the incessant bellowing of the stoned irishman next door – nearly turned me into a homicidal maniac!

Pamela, the pattern maker from The Makers Journal is based in Melbourne and her patterns are sold in an Etsy shop here.  They very cleverly attach a teensy-tiny piece of the fabric they used in their sample, just to remind you of what to look for when purchasing fabrics. I found the instructions to be thorough and complete.

These fabrics are gorgeous and I don’t regret the stash busting. Call it an exercise in colour theory. The front is a Liberty Tana lawn while the lining is a lustrous japanese cotton. The main back fabric a cotton/linen mix – all from Tessuti Surrey Hills – Sydney. Sadly, I’m sure they would no longer have these fabrics, they were purchased in the dark ages.

Note to self, centre the back stripe next time!

It seemed so much easier to mix and match these non primary colours for some reason. There was quite a few alternatives I could have used in my stash and I think the lesson learned is that I should put away my pre school crayons in primary colours and instead use tertiary colour tints. Now I’m no colour expert, but when I look at my wardrobe, there seems to be very little in the primary palette and perhaps sewing with these greyed off colours would ensure my ‘makes’ sit more happily with my existing clothes. Blue is important to me. Everything I make has to go with jeans – my uniform!

Not so sure this vest reminds me of Freddie Mercury though, for me its somehow reminiscent of Japan. But perhaps thats the broomstick talking!

If you fancy yourself in this Freddie Vest – please contact me and I’ll send it to you – FOC.


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  1. I think this is lovely. It is very charming, and I think if I had it I would leave it on the washing line so everyone thought I was a creative type. It looks like a wall hanging or a vintage patchwork quilt or sewing bag. Can you wear it over yet another pattern, say a long sleeved blouse, but open rather than tied up?

  2. I just came across this post and I absolutely love your choice of prints! I never thought of it as a bust enhancement tool, I should put that in the description. Hopefully it won’t live in the cupboard forever.

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