Quick, quick – Lickety Split

This May there will be a fundraiser for my daughter’s boarding house. Its a dinner and silent auction, the girls dress up in their finest and we all admire their youthful exuberance! Last year I bought an item to donate to the auction – it raised less money than I paid, meaning I might as well have just given the money to the charity in full – I have an idea. Would it be completely crazy of me to offer a sewing lesson, wherein we would make this Lickety Split skirt or maybe a circle skirt? Perhaps I could approach Tessuti or The Fabric Store for a donation of suitable fabric? Whatcha think? Would a teen girl want to learn how to sew this skirt?


The Lickety Split Skirt by The Makers Journal is a delightful little pattern I’ve had in my stash for longer than my memory can recall. This indie pattern co. seem to specialise in emaciated models – I swear this girl became thinner with each photoshoot, I stopped buying their patterns afraid she’d be hospitalised if I encouraged them!

I love the side splits, they are easy and breezy for hot summers, but I can imagine they might also work transitionally with thick tights and boots if the innards were lined for slip. Excuse the lack of ironing below, this was worn a few times before being photographed and hubby needed to get off to work!





IMG_1162_2Where does one purchase a tablecloth blank? Why Pishon Fabrics of course, they’re a little enterprise on Willoughby Road, Willoughby. Every time I drive past I amuse myself with the antonym of Pishon – it makes me chuckle cos’ I’m just that easily entertained! This entire piece cost me $5AUD, at today’s exchange rate thats $3.90US – we’re at 75c today and how do I know? Cos I just pressed ‘purchase’ on some items as the exchange rate flashed before my eyes – silly, silly me – that exchange rate is appalling. This fabric however, was a bargain and I’m in love with it. Fibre content -might be linen/cotton or just cotton and the design is printed. The paint seems quite unstable, even after sitting in it, the paint leaves an effect like a Jocasta Innes inspired 90s cafe wall. Still, I wore a badly made, holey bedspread skirt (made by someone else) for 10 years – maybe I’m not that fussy after all?! Any idea how to stabilise the paint – please chime in?


Okay then, down to pattern issues. I measured a size 16 according to the pattern envelope, but there was no such size within (what the?) Makers Journal sizing goes up to size 14. So glad I just plumped (get it?) for the 14, cos it was huge with 16cm of ease in the waistband. I don’t really need the extra in the pull on waistband to negotiate hips – now shoulders they’re a different issue! I overlapped the sides by a further 4 cm each side leaving 8cm ease which was plenty.

If you should want to try this pattern, I would make the back piece with an elastic waistband of some sort and attach ties to a non-elasticated front piece, they would tie at the back. This way the skirt would fit a variety of sizes and there would be no bunching of fabric at the front waist – ladies of a certain age don’t require extra fluff around their middles thank you! The Makers Journal suggests fabric with ‘swish’ which may be delightfully leg baring as you walk, but I’m quite happy with the weight of my tablecloth. Incidentally, I spied this image on Rhonda Buss’ post today – this beautiful blue dress is exactly what I had in mind – only skirtish.

Screen Shot 2015-02-24 at 10.06.46 am


I also recommend interfacing the side edges – they are a bit bias-y and therefore wavy. The mitred corners are cut on the pattern for you, but using the 1cm seam allowance doesn’t give you the required 4cm edge turnover. I’ll cut it straight next time and fashion my own mitre.

Warning – don’t wear this skirt with the openings facing forward – they have a nasty habit of catching the breeze as one walks and I had to whip mine around 180 degrees as I left the doctor’s appointment!

I hereby pledge to magick up 3 tops for every skirt to reduce wardrobe orphans. Tops are not my favourite – there’s all those bumps and shoulders to negotiate. Perhaps a boxy short white top would be lovely with this skirt – quick, quick lickety split before I’m distracted by other pretties.


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  1. I totally think a teenage girl would love a sewing lesson! That sounds like a great thing to auction off! Love the colors in this skirt- gorgeous!

  2. The colour is gorgeous and I love the shoes. One wonders why unstitched table cloths even exist. I laughed about the location. An au pair of ours once asked for a “PissOffcake”. Did you auction your sewing lesson?

    • Would you believe I own 2 pairs of green shoes! Haven’t auctioned the lesson yet, the dinner is in May, but I’m worried the logistics of long distance sewing may defeat me! I’d have to transport everything by air – thinking… thinking! Hah, we had a french exchange student who declared “the mango makes me wet” when juice ran everywhere – we’ve never let him forget that one!

  3. I think a sewing lesson would be amazing. I love this skirt! It looks really elegant, and all those greens – I am swooning with delight. I am going to convert my top to a dress pattern, but will have a bit bigger overlap which I shall stitch down to at least mid-thigh. But now I want the blue dress.

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