Cinderella’s ballgown, BHL Georgia take 2

I have some news – I’m going to the UK in October – yay!! While I’m there I’d love to catch up with you guys. So if you care for a coffee, tea, Bonox, a show or whatever, please email me, it would be great to meet you for real! I’ll be around London from the 1st – 4th October, Dublin 5-9th October, Cheshire 12-14th October, then back to London till I leave on the 18th. Pleeeze, show me your fabric haunts!

On the 12th, 13th and 14th October, I’m going to participate in a women’s jacket workshop taught by Brita Hirsch a German Pattern maker living in Cheshire. Brita has a very impressive CV and has tailored for Pavarotti and Wolfgang Joop no less, I’m starstruck! The classes are private one on one (or 2 or 3) if anyone is interested in joining me. Brita is charging 225 GBP a day. She has designed a class for me (and you) similar to this one. Please email me if you’d like to come.


This By Hand London Georgia dress has been awaiting its debut for a long time. It was finished while Princess was at school, so I had to wait for photos. Thank goodness for her ‘house dinner’ which is jargon for “need a new dress”!

Disclaimer: I think Princess may have put on a little weight. This was a tight fitting dress with no elastane to help, but it did fit absolutely perfectly in the third fitting! She’s gonna kill me for that!


The plastic fantastic brocade was a gem from Pishon Fabrics in Willoughby. It took an entire 1.25m @ $5/m. Cheaper than K Mart! In fact, I spent more on fusible interfacing than fabric because the entire garment was fused before sewing. The fusible added support and has made the fabric so wrinkle resistant – its amazing.


The beautiful brown velvet RiRi zipper was purchased in New York about 3 years ago from Pacific Trimmings. I only have 1 RiRi zipper left now, the other was used in the black lace skirt. In reality that pucker at the bottom isn’t nearly so OMG!

This tutorial was a godsend. I procrastinated endlessly about combining the zip application, with facing and lining. I wanted to tuck the top end away inside the facing but no amount of sewing room charades or tongue set jauntily to the edge of my mouth  :>Q  could make it work. I hereby declare you cannot apply an exposed zip into the facing and line it to the inside – but I’m happy to be proven wrong. That little procrastination cost me 2 weeks I reckon!

The bra cups were cut to little pieces and then draped to fit. Stupid me, there’s a suggested FBA tutorial on the By Hand London website – but I just bolted headlong into the fray as I often do. Doh!!


Oooh, I added little bra keepers, but they’re too far back. Don’t want to give Princess any excuses to ask strange men to help her get into this dress, so I will have to move them forward! The things I don’t think of in time – ridonculous! Oh, in case you’ve ever wondered about those clear plastic snaps – don’t wonder any longer. They’re crap. They don’t snap together more than once and thats just enough times to have you sew them insitu. Its a plot I tell you!

This was a fantastic idea from McCalls blog I may have to try. Adding Petersham to DIY a fancy exposed zipper – for when you can’t pop into New York for a spot of shopping!


So any takers on elevenses in London, Dublin or Cheshire?





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  1. Nice job just the same. Love the finishing details and I am sure that princess loved wearing the dress. Congrats on the London trip. I would be tempted to pop over to London for a meet up in October but we have an election mid-month so I will be about as free as the middle guy on a chain gang. Hope you get a good group together. The tutor sounds amazing.

  2. Yes. I would love to see you in London. Please pencil me in. And the dress is lovely and doesn’t look too tight. But with legs like that I am not sure anyone will be looking at the dress.

  3. If only! I’ll be back home in Oz again by then. It will be wonderful for you.
    The dress is beautiful and the fabric looks to be worth far more than $5 /m. Gorgeous daughter.

  4. She really is a princess and you’ve done her justice. And to Georgia. It’s one of my favourite BHL patterns and this is one of the loveliest versions I’ve seen.

    I’ve been following a very different ‘exposed zipper’ method where it’s visible but ‘sunken’ in rather than sitting on top. It would enable you to add facing. In fact I’ve just done this to my Dahlia after the original zipper broke.

    And …. count me in for a meet-up in London. How exciting! By complete coincidence, today I met up with Kate for the first time and time just flew. It’s a bit like a blind date with all the anticipation but none of the disappointment.

  5. I am not 100% sure that I won’t be away on holiday, but if I am around I would love to meet up in London.

  6. Love Georgia’s formal dress. Love to catch up for a Sydney meetup or a sewing weekend at Pearl Beach perhaps?

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