Culottes – actual garment photos incl.

Recently I’ve lived the weekly version of annus horribilis – its a new soap opera by definition. There was a twinkling highlight though, I spoke at NSW Parliament House. Thanks for taking my pic hubby x


Behold – the culottes. Style Arc Erin, twice to be precise. It was all about precision.

ERIN-CULOTTESSallie-Oh posted a lovely rendition, –  she found they ran large too. These are so large that despite making a size smaller than my measurements recommended, I took in about 6cm at the waist. And then I folded the pleats over about 2cm more each side, taking the remainder in at the sides and they’re still big.

First – in a fetching circloid japanese-y linen – purchased  in Sapporo and saved for a sure thing…

IMG_2707I unpicked them after seeing this photo, lifted the CF pleat about 0.5cm. I reckon thats a must for these. Oh and pidgeon toedness for good measure.


Lastly, the wintery, wooly  lined version avec wolly contrasty bits, welts and side tabs for cleverness.


If you’re tempted, the pattern lies! They will be huge in the waist, you will need to take them in despite twill tape and staystitching. The pattern suggests something floaty, I really like the linen version and the wool ones might be handy with my black patent boots for competitive cossack dancing should the need arise.

Outcome – thats enough culottes for this girl.


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  1. I would love to have the whole first culottes ensemble: the interesting blue and the grey shoes. I can imagine an interesting hat atop too, very …. Patti Smith? Confident and louche.

    Nice touches with the contrasting fabric with the wool pair. And your public speaking outfit we need to see more of!!

    • Thank you, thank you Marianna. I love that suit, bought second hand. Its a treat on the inside and whomever it was tailored for had a very simlar shape to me. If I had the intestinal fortitude I’d unpick some of the hand finished silk lining and investigate the insides, but I daren’t.

  2. Oh my, oh my. Wonderful. Lovely. You look so cool speaking into a mike with your smarty pants jacket. And both culottes are completely unique and suit you to a T. With the adorable shoes and styling. Nailed.

    • Thank you Kate. I’ve been reflecting about how sometimes one feels like dressing quite ‘out there’ and sometimes we just need to fade into the background. These are quite out there and the way I’m feeling at present… may not get much wear!!

      • I know exactly what you mean. I am always more conservative in real life than I am in my head. But you do look especially lovely and partly we dress for others to enjoy the spectacle.

  3. Wow, sincerely love both pairs. Gianni always remarks that I stand pigeon-toed and that that is a mark of shyness, which I hate, so now I’m trying to correct it! I think they made me wear my shoes on the wrong feet for a while or something stupid like that when I was a kid, but obviously the fix didn’t completely take. Were you doing that to show the pleats? I had hoped to make a pair of culottes for the summer but I looked at my projects list this week and it is too long. The winter ones are tempting though – with or without the impromptu Cossack dancing. Love the tabs and welts, actually. PS Brava you for the Parliament thing!

    • Nah, I was doing that to parody the dearth of ‘little girl gone shy’ pics we see on the web nowadays! Also, I’ve been to Japan quite a few times and all women walk pidgeon toed – I suspect its a spin off of the geisha’s deference. I was quite the other way after many years of ballet, I can still pick ballerinas byt he way the walk and stand. I think I trained myself out of it, but sometimes it sneaks up on ya!

      • Ah I get it. Oh you ballerinas! I was kicked out of ballet class when I was six, by a mean ballet teacher who had no patience with my lack of coordination. Oh the emotional scars. 🙂 It’s funny… I have been to Japan many times to race but oddly I have never noticed that women there walk pigeon-toed. Interesting. I’m PS I kind of want to ask the details about the Parliament presentation, but I think I can guess (possibly).

  4. I’m a total fan of original pants, and these two are clearly not the typical jeans! 😉

  5. Congrats on your speech. Were you in the house or the Strangers Dining Room? I love culottes, but being just 156 cms I’m not sure I can carry them off. I have a 70s pattern with no front pleating that I might give a try. Lots of printed culottes in Europe this summer.

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