In-House Patterns Diana #1

In-House Patterns Diana is described as a “fluid yet refined top”, sized in A-D cup. I just knew this fit would be tricky on me. Cos’ I’m the girl who likes things to fit like bespoke tailoring whilst being roomy enough to swing a tennis racquet with aplomb.

So I cut out 3 x Dianas all at once. Why 3 when I haven’t even toiled the first? Well in for a penny in for a pound as they say and the same strategy worked out well for the Erin culottes! Sometimes one just has to commit.


Here is the first in a cotton jersey. My upper chest is 84cm and full bust is 101cm. So don’t ask me how I chose the 10D, but I assure you it was completely scientific! Except my bra size is 10F. Finished chest girth for a 10D is 107.3cm, so 6.3cm ease, which is about right I think, especially in a stretch cotton jersey. TMI?The shoulders look like they’re the right length.  However, then there’s the view I never see!



I swear this is roomy feeling, but it looks like the back of the armscye is binding on my herculean lats! Move over Mr Schwarzenegger…I think the lower cuff is crinkled because I had it wound up all day prior to this photo – honest.


  • the soft heathered lilac fabric works well even though this is a pattern designed for wovens.
  • the fact that it shrunk in the dryer after this and swam on me less whilst shortening the sleeves, essentially subtracting the 1cm I added to the sleeve length.
  • the strategic side seam shaping
  • Great instructions and don’t forget the front placket tutorial on Alexandra’s blog.


  • the front shoulder gathers, because I reckon they make my boobs look frumpy, but I might just be fixated…
  • the lack of collar, which would make it more suitable for co-jumpering (co-sweatering).


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  1. Great top. It’s a beautiful plummy colour and looks like a nice textured jersey, not too floppy. Thanks for the placket link; will definitely come in handy.

  2. The fit is pretty good, don’t you think? Especially in relation to the bust, and the gathering is fine and not frumpy, But I think the pattern is a bit on the ordinary side for someone as stylish as you. Just look at the trousers which are swell. I imagine in the right fabric it may look more amazing – what else have you cut out?

    • Thanks Kate, wish I’d made those trews, but they were a $50 italian silk purchase I couldn’t walk away from! The fit of the top is definitely better since washing and drying in the dreaded dryer. The next one is quite nice because I had to deconstruct and rethink to eradicate the gathers!

  3. I love the fabric you’ve used, the colour is gorgeous. It looks like a lovely comfortable top!

  4. Very nice and I love the colour! The fit over the bust looks good to me, too. Yes, what other colours and fabrics have you cut out? Oh and the trews are pretty gorgeous – love the print.

  5. I like it on you. But, am shocked that you cut out 3! -are you mad?. What a relief you must feel that it all worked out well.

  6. I had a bit of giggle at the idea of frumpy boobs! To me the gathers on the shoulder scream golfer and I like your other version a lot better.

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