In-House Patterns Diana #2

I wasn’t enamoured by the shoulder pleats on Diana #1, but I had handed myself a fait accomplis since the fabric was already cut – hmmm, what to do. I didn’t have enough of this 100% pure wool jersey (The Fabric Store of course) to recut. The pondering took me a whole week; I guess that qualifies as procrastination eh?!


Then I remembered a lovely Ralph Lauren scarf I just never got on with, but couldn’t throw it out because the embroidery tugged at my little heartstrings.


took a nice 1.5cm wedge off the armscye side of the bodice to reduce the dart bulk (gathers in this case).

  • measured the yoke seam and subtracted that from the remaining bodice seam to find out how much ‘dart bulk’ I needed to exterminate
  • Drew in a dart approximating my shoulder to apex – ish and created a princess line to the shoulder. Checked it before cutting cos I’ve been there before!
  • subbed in Mr Lauren’s fancy schmantzy scarf for the centre panel and placket

Et voila, not bad. Oh yes, I couldn’t forget about the back, could I? Moved the CB pleat to the sides which does definitely create more drape at the underarms.



  • integration of a reused garment and its embroidery – I’m smitten
  • the redistribution of CB pleat to side back – maybe better for my broad shoulders
  • smartypants binding inside collar cos the old stitch in the ditch thang wasn’t yielding to my will
  • prefer the clean shoulder line
  • Love this wool jersey which has apparently revived the flagging NZ wool industry, not mine in particular, but wool jersey in general and Icebreaker to be more specific!
  • No. 1 photographer Princess’s shadow and styling – naww thanks hun! That girl can spot a VPL from 3km.


  • ummm cream, I never wear cream! What does one do with cream? Add strawberries?
  • might try a different collar next time – again, not easy to co-jumper (co-sweater)
  • honestly, the CF hem pops forward, so it will need to be tucked somewhat. Thats the fault of the CF seam ‘cos I had to join ends of the scarf sideways and might also be the crosswise grain
  • should have shaped the princess seam line out toward the side at the waist. It looks clunky.


Don’t bother cutting the sleeve plackets to exact size, they can be lopped off later. I love the way this pattern has you do all the non committal things first. So by the time you come to sewing the garment together the collar, cuffs, sleeve and CF plackets are done. Wham, bam, done without a procrastination in sight!

One big tuck at the front shoulder, rather than gathers looked quite spesh too. Might try that with Diana #3.

Hmm, didn’t know I had bandy legs!



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  1. What a magnificent save. I love everything about this, especially the use of the embroidered panel at the front. Personally I love to see cream and white together although cream (just add strawberries!) isn’t so great with a cool complexion. The back stripe is fantastic too and does give interest and makes your shoulders look perfectly proportioned. And I have one of the beads in your necklace in one of my necklaces. How strange…

  2. This looks very very chic. I’m trying to understand how you placed the front embroidery panels…an overlay/ double layer I think, given that the scarf seems to be sheer?

    I think there’s possibly nothing more chic than white pants. Makes me think of all of those ladies in 1910 (wasn’t that about the period of Picnic at Hanging Rock, and it certainly was of A Room with a View) wearing white dresses, when white mostly meant that you were rich enough to have at least a maid or two to do your laundry.

    I purchased an Icebreaker shirt for running this winter and I love it. I’ve always preferred natural fibres over those icky “tech” fabrics for sport. Call me a rebel. The only thing I don’t like is that the shirt is made in China I think (have to check). But the wool, yes, is from NZ. Wool is a marvel, that is for sure.

    • Yes, I cut one pattern piece from the embroidered end and the a duplicate piece from the un embroidered part, then used them together as one. If you like historical drama I can recommend ‘Banished’, about the first fleet and their landing – made in conjunction with the BBC, its an excellent series S.

      • Ah excellent. I am going to save these construction details for future reference as this is a lovely example of a pattern hack that makes a huge difference. Thanks for the recommendation – I will look it up.

  3. I’m not sure why you don’t like the cream. It’s such a gorgeous piece of cloth. I’m in Europe at the moment and your blouse is right on trend.

  4. Lovely to be able to incorporate your scarf. Like Kate, I like white and cream together.. Nice classy summer look. Look forward to seeing number 3………..

  5. Stunning blouse, it looks very high end.

  6. Hey, I don’t like people who look great in white (nor cream)! Where’s your yacht? And servants?!?

    What a fabulous outfit! People might just warm to you if they find out you made the blouse yourself!

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