We interrupt our normal programming…

to bring you this excellent piece of wool wound in circles to make squares – ta da!

Only 4 years in the making, this is the Babette blanket, designed by Kathy Merrick. The pattern can be bought on Ravelry here.

Babette Blanket by Kathy Merrick
Babette Blanket by Kathy Merrick

The finished size is about 110cm square(ish). I’d promised it to Princess for her boarding school bed, due circa 3 years ago. Why did it take so looooong? Well, the first bit is pretty easy, crochet lots of squares as per pattern, but then you need to crochet all those tiny little squares together and I found myself scrubbing the inner corners of bathrooms with a toothbrush rather than getting onto it. Every review of this pattern suggests joining as you go, but I ignored that excellent advice as usual, hence the, ahem, 4 years. Also, weave in your ends as you go. Because weaving in all those ends is not going to be as much fun as you think it is ;Q

Anyone from the non Americas should note that double crochet in the pattern is treble crochet everywhere else in the world. Can you believe that only occurred to me as I was doing those last few rows of the border. Not really sure whether I had registered this in the beginning but I did manage to use the correct stitch regardless.

You’re probably desperate to know how I chose my colours? Ummm, I bought what the shop had on hand – so inspired!

Princess' Babette Blanket
Princess’ Babette Blanket

I like crochet, its much less regimented than knitting and if you drop a stitch you can just pick it up again cos there’s only one! To boot, its ultimately portable. I’ve never been questioned at the airport about a crochet hook the way I have about knitting needles. Only yesterday a lady on my flight gave me a very sharp look when she saw I was knitting (wooden circulars), oh bite me!

We were going to an 80s themed party a while ago. Hubby intended topping off his mulleted wig 80’s grunge look with a grenade shaped belt buckle (you know Guns ‘n’ Roses and all), which was very clearly and obviously a flat piece of metal that looked like a belt buckle. It was taken off him by airport security. Will sanity ever be restored?!


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  1. Oh I love this – bright and quirky and fun. Lucky princess. You can make one for me as I hate doing crochet! I know! I just always think of strange dolls that old ladies made for church bazaars…with no disrespect intended. It’s funny that you’ve had issues with knitting needles. No one seems to bat an eye here since they changed the regulations back to permitting them on flights a few years ago. I don’t always enjoy knitting on flights though given that there’s not always a lot of arm room (I don’t usually fly business, obviously :)).

    • Ah yes, toilet roll dollies made out of nylon ribbon stuff! Eeeeuk! I’m often quite astonished when I like a crocheted garment, but its becoming so ‘hipster’! Business class – twice the price, almost worth it, but not for my next trip unfortunately! Cheaper to have a stopover in Singapore or Honkers!

  2. I love this. I haven’t crocheted in years. And it is a long time since these were previously fashionable, when I made one before (not as nice – far more random, mainly murky blues). Especially when it is a complete bore there is always a sense of achievement with finishing something, especially when it is gorgeous. I also love the description of your fancy dress party outfit. You clearly go to a lot of effort!.

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