Harry Potter and the Sydney lady who wept


One dreary Sunday morning in a little house with no cupboard under the stairs, a tourist (thats me) read a blog about the Harry Potter Studio Tour, it decided the fate for her next 8 hours – thank you bloggers of the world. Bought the tickets online and then picked up a random kid off the street, who happened to be my darling niece, to justify the outing. I mean how weird would I have looked going to Warner Bros – The Making of Harry Potter without the requisite child? Unfortunately, my niece was a bit young for HP, I think she’d seen one movie so not such a huge fan, but zaps of light and special effects kept her pretty well tuned in nonetheless.

Robby Coltrane was modelled on a super tall english rugby player to begin with, even this giant fella needed ‘lifts’ in his shoes to make him GIANT!

Everything from the movie is right there, set up on set. I snapped some excellent photos then pffft! Camera died of no battery. It’s premature death happened just before walking up Diagon alley – fiddlesticks is what I did not say!

The first Hogwarts uniforms Harry and Ron wore
Left – the first Hogwarts uniform Harry wore


To get to HP Studio Tour – take the train to Watford Junction and a shuttle bus clearly marked with HP signage takes you to the studio door. Prices are a bit exy I thought, especially in the gift shop – hope hubby likes his Hufflepuff tie! ButI just could not bring myself to pay 28GBP for a plastic replica wand. For that I want the real thing, not some muggle make believe!

notice the spider buttons, this could catch on SS16!
notice the spider buttons, this could catch on SS16!

The best part was saved for last, but I had no battery (see aforementioned disaster), so you’ll just have to go and see it for yourself, I did indeed have tears in my eyes. Just so this blog doesn’t turn into random adventures on holiday, I’ll leave you with gratuitous shots of the costumes and other exhibits. This was a definite must see for those of us whose kids learned to read thanks to JK Rowling.

no hands knitting - the kind I prefer
no hands knitting – the kind I prefer. The needles moved all by themselves.
Mr Weasley, quite the snappy dresser
Mr Weasley was quite the snappy dresser
Remember Dolores Unbridge?
Remember Dolores Umbridge?




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  1. I haven’t been. My daughter has, on a school trip, but she was annoyed at her unadventurous classmates who would not go on a witches broom with her!!

  2. He he . You wouldn’t want your blog to turn into a random travel adventures blog like mine, would you? 🙂

    I have very little experience with Harry Potter, I have to admit. Both Gianni and I have an unreasoned aversion to anything popular. I once made a big boo boo with a colleague after he told me he took the kids to a Harry Potter display in England when he was posted to Paris…maybe a museum, or maybe exactly this that you have shown? I can’t remember… He mentioned that everything was detailed and accurate. I responded without thinking: “Well it would have to be, as HP fans are pretty rabid, aren’t they?” I forgot that his wife is quite a fan.. oops.

    Sounds like fun and cool costumes! I don’t mean to suggest that you are rabid…

    • Whatever gets kids reading S. We started from the first book with #1 son and I have to say that Princess really pursued reading with Stephanie Meyer’s Twilight series. I was fascinated that 50 shades of Grey was written as fan fiction exploring a subverted plot of Twilight. But even more fascinated that Princess knew all about that! Have to mention when HP was released it was quite high brow for kids. It explored quite adult themes and many of our peers weren’t at all sure about it as kids fiction!

      • Oh I know, I’ve heard many good things about HP. I have a friend who was crazy for the books while completing a Harvard PhD in Art History and studying Arabic at the same time. 🙂 I just meant that I am silly and somewhat randomly prejudiced about things. It definitely makes a difference that I don’t have kids, as I am less exposed to things. Interesting about 50 shades and Twilight. That makes sense, from what I know about the two.

  3. Ah, lucky! I’m a huge Harry Potter fan, I was 10 when the first one came out (I think), so they were a major part of my childhood. I’ve just finished listening to the series on audiobook, gloriously read by Stephen Fry, and it was such a lovely way to spend my commute!

    • Don’t you just love an audiobook?! We listen on long interstate drives but I’m afraid Alec Baldwin’s ‘Here’s the thing’ interviews have pushed the books aside for a while. I highly recommend the Billy Joel and Chris Columbus ones 😉

  4. This would be fascinating to see all the details – lucky you! I love the shoes in the first picture, and would consider sneaking out with those! Maybe not the spider buttons…

    • Hi there Sheryll, the costumes were fab, its great to see what makes impact on a screen vs IRL! I cannot for the life of me recall the gorgeous girl’s character who wore those shoes, but I do remember she beguiled with her extreme beauty!

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