Pass the Pattern

Please join us in playing Pass the Pattern. A little like Pass the Parcel played at kid’s parties, but everyone gets to unwrap the pattern and use it!


Marijana of Sew2Pro wrote about her Style Arc ‘Issey Top’ experience here.  The top didn’t seem to be Marijana’s thang, too big, too drapey, but it looked to be an interesting Issey Miyake inspired drape  design. I put my hand up – “pick me, pick me” and Marijana sent it in the post all the way from England to Australia. In return I sent a Vogue pattern to Marijana which had been languishing for some years in my pattern vault! Is there anything better than receiving presents in the mail? Yes, sending a much neglected pattern to a friend in the hope they can put it to good use!

We thought you might like to help us keep the Issy pattern travelling around the blogosphere – Pass the Pattern! Please join us, who knows what you’ll do with Issy and when you send the pattern on, what mystery pattern will you receive in return?


So this is how it will work…

  • You will need to leave a comment on the Issy post next Wed/Thurs telling me you’d like to play ‘Pass the Pattern’. The names will go into a hat for a random draw and the ‘chosen one’ will be posted the Issy pattern.


  • You will be contacted privately for your postal address and the Style Arc Issy pattern will be sent via snail mail to you, no addresses will be published on any blog.


  • The recipient of ‘Issy’ should post a mystery pattern to the ‘Issy’ sender in return.


  • Grab the blog button and post about your ‘Issy’ make, with photos of course – we’d love to see what you did with this pattern (don’t worry if you don’t have a blog, we can publish for you, just contact either Marijana or I). You’ll need to copy/paste these rules to your post too.


  • Send your ‘Issy’ on to  a randomly chosen commenter and receive a mystery pattern from them in return.


  • Blog about the pattern you received in return for sending Issy onto a new home somewhere in the big wide world.


Here’s the code for the blog button made by Princess, because clearly coding is more fun than homework! Feel free to add it to your blog.

<img src=”//” alt=””sewniptuck/” /><div>


and here’s the button

pass the pattern button


How many times will the Issy pattern be made? How many countries will Issy travel? Can you hack Issy? Marijana and I will try to keep count.

Fine print – The Style Arc Issy Top is a size 12 UK/AUS paper pattern designed for 4 way stretch knits. I sized it up without too much problem. It will need approximately 150cm/1.7yards of fabric 148cm wide.

I’ll be back on Wednesday to show you my Style Arc Issy makes – please help us Pass the Pattern by commenting on that post. Can you hear the post offices of the world clapping their hands in glee?!



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  1. What a cool idea! I’m love to join in and will watch out for your post in a few days 😃

  2. How fun! I will enjoy reading the posts. Great blog button, Princess.

    • Thanks Steph, I’m coaxing the Princess toward something ‘design’ next year! Wish you’d give it a go S.

      • Yes, it looks like she has the talent. Though I’m sure she has many many talents…oh to be young and with an array of options again… 🙂 Do you mean give the top a go or give design a go? 🙂 I could give the top a go, although you know me – I have great intentions and then it takes me forever to get to anything. That said, I would have an incentive in this case.

      • Ah yes, well incentivising is what it’s about S!! I think this top would suit your curves.

  3. I haven’t used a Style Arc pattern, and that would need to be scaled up for me but I would love to join in. Please add me to the Pass the Pattern draw.

  4. I’m delighted Lesley that you’ve devised a way to keep this going and am waiting with bated breath to see your Issies – as well as future ones, whoever and whichever corner of the world they may come from.

    I’m delighted by the pattern you chose to send me and I think I can guess which of my blog posts gave you the idea that it would suit me. The pattern is cut out and waiting for the right material; I may just be pounding on the fabric shop door first thing Monday morning so I can start asap!

    Well done to the Princess on the blog button. I’ve made three of these in the past but it was a voyage of discovery each time as I get too traumatised by the technology to remember the key steps. Actually, I may have emotionally blackmailed my husband to make one of them… But I’ve got my head round to putting Pass the Pattern in the widget area of my blog, linking back to here.

    Good luck with Issy everyone! ‘See you’ Tuesday when I’ll reveal my return post pattern.

    • Thanks for initiating this little challenge Marijana. I figured I could have got my head around the button code, but Photoshop to get the image was a whole different animal! I think that post will be lovely on you, you’re so petite and really don’t need to drown in fabric as I see it! Hope the real Issey doesn’t die of fright when he sees my interpretations!

  5. creationator 21/03/2016 — 9:42 pm

    I just stumbled on this blog.
    This sounds like fun.
    Everything I make needs a FBA so when I pass it along, I will pass the pattern and the FBA
    I don’t have a blog but I’ll send my comments where ever you like. I do post on Pattern Review.

    • An FBA would be fab on this pattern. If I could have worked it out I could have used it for a stretch silk woven I have, but failed miserably to make the FBA without distorting the shape. It’d be great to post your comments on the blog with any pics you can supply creationator.

  6. Carol Faulkner 23/03/2016 — 5:37 am

    Please add me to the Pass the Pattern. I qualify because I live in the big wide world. A long way from you folks though.. Give me a chance. Thanks

    • Hi Sissy, we’d be pleased to add you, being out in the big wide world and all! You’ve got me wondering… Iceland? Antarctica?
      Can I ask that you leave a comment on the post which will be published later today please, that way you’ll go into the draw!

  7. Hi L. This is such a fun idea. Please include me. Thank you and lots of kisses.

  8. Popping the pattern in the post Monday Geni, hope you like the stamps, I’m a big fan of colourful stamps!

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