Pass the pattern – Issy

Not the actual Style Arc top you’ll be pleased to know, but another invention by Issey Miyake! Inspired?!

When svelte, petite Marijana of Sew2pro made up her Style Arc Issy in size 12, it swam on her and she offered to post it to anyone who might like to try the pattern. I threw my hand into the air yelling “me! me! pick me!”. Since Marijana was so kind as to post the Style Arc Issy pattern, I returned the favour by sending her a mystery pattern I hoped she would like from my pattern mountain  – ‘Pass the Pattern’ was born – get the whole story here!!

And here you’ll find Marijana’s post about the pattern I sent her, a Vogue 1285 Tracy Reece dress avec colourful Aussie stamps!

Issy is undoubtedly Style Arc’s take on an Issey Miyake drape top, it won them a coveted Best Pattern 2015 over on Pattern too! Sized 12 for a 4 way stretch knit; my measurements (99cm, 82cm, 101cm) put me in the size 12/14 camp, measurement chart here. After getting the pattern in my hot little mitts I was keen to size it up for a stretch woven – life wasn’t meant to be easy right?!

Pattern changes for stretch woven

  • Added 1 cm lengthwise through the mid armscye F and B
  • Added 1cm vertically in the mid section
  • Added 2 cm widthways at centre front and centre back
  • lengthened the centre back neck 2cm. 1 cm would have been enough!

2 toiles later – this version in a woven cotton with 3-4% spandex – the “get your damned red wine glass off my white tablecloth!” tunic.

DSC02000 (1)

Red wine amongst the grapevines

I don’t think this stretch woven version is a win. The front is too poofy, it bags out without the belt. Drapey Issy really benefits from a drapey fabric, but I can’t trust it with the stretch silk just yet!

Disclaimer: I messed up half way through and forgot to gather the other side of the front, but once rectified, I preferred the whoopsy asymmetric look. So the hem was reshaped and wonkified.


See, enough room for at least a 30 week pregnancy. Anyone contemplating a transitional maternity to post baby wardrobe would be well advised to include this pattern! Seriously flattering on post baby bumps.

Back to the drawing board…

in a lightweight knit of unknown fibre content. Probably viscose, judging by the drape. Quite in love with this white version; thankfully I remembered to remove the 1cm vertical expansion through the armscye before cutting otherwise this armhole would have been too long and side boob flesh would have been exposed further – argggh the horror! And again, only one side was gathered.

so much column, so much sun.

On all versions I split the back in half because that way I don’t get baggy back (note reluctance to call it sway back adjustment – discussion for another time!). After making changes for fit I popped the new improved Issy over my stretch block back piece and what the &$*#, almost exactly the same shape, so in future – “trust the block Luke”!

Of course not using one of the side drapes causes a bit of an issue with the side seam alignment and a front wedge removal would need to be embarked upon in future versions, for now I’m turning a blind eye courtesy of the sun?!

note excess flapping at left side?
slight excess at back neck after adding 2cm – tisk, tisk!

Impressed with the possibilities of this pattern yet employing overlocker re-threading avoidance… I sewed the red version on the trusty Janome straight stitch in the same fabric  – only redder. Note the tighter edge finish at the front neck.

Next time – remove the excess at centre back neck stupidly added by moi and scoop out the front armscye a tad.


You must be sick of seeing my mug by now – so its over to you.

Pass the Pattern

Please join Marijana and I in the Pass the Pattern challenge. Here’s the blog button code for your delectation.

<img src=”//” alt=””sewniptuck/” /><div>

and the button, all courtesy of Princess

pass the pattern button

  • Leave a comment at the bottom of this post to go into a draw.
  • the winner will be posted the Style Arc Issy by snail mail with stamps!
  • Blog about your Issy experience. No blog? not a problem, Marijana or I would be pleased to publish for you, just contact one of us by leaving a comment on our blog(s).
  • Choose a new recipient from your commenters to send your Issy to
  • The recipient of ‘Issy’ should post a mystery pattern of their choosing to the ‘Issy’ sender (you)
  • Blog/write about the mystery pattern you received in return for sending Issy onto a new home somewhere in the big wide world.

How many times will Issy be made and where in the world will it go? Can you pattern hack Issy? Help us play ‘Pass the Pattern’. Leave your comment at the bottom of this post to go into the draw.

Again, here is Marijana’s post about the mystery pattern I sent her.

Update: The draw for Issy will happen on Wed. 13th April. So do leave your comment below if you’d like to join in.


Good luck everyone. x


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  1. Wow hot stuff. I like all three. Sleeveless is perfect for this. Tempting..

  2. Hi Lesley, include me in the draw, I like a good pattern hack as you know!
    Great post, it looks like you enjoyed playing with the shape.

  3. All look good (and look great with jeans). I love the photos: very Grecian with the columns and vines. But the best is the red because you’ve achieved the diagonal neckline as well as the right amount of drape. I’m happy now!

  4. I like playing, I like mystery, I don’t know if I will like that pattern regarding Marijna’s experience and all your alterations, but who knows?

  5. Hot hot hot!! Love all versions esp the White and red. You are very dedicated to make it three times with all the adjustments.

  6. Include me too! Love you’re versions, especially the red and white print. Like the sound of being flattering on the tummy. I’ve yet to loose all my baby weight from having my 13year old! 🙂

  7. I really enjoyed seeing your 3 versions as it helps delineate possible changes. Add me to the draw please, this sounds so fun!

    • Pleased to enter you into the draw Genevieve and welcome!

    • Hey Genevieve, congratulations, we pulled your name out of the random number generator for the ‘Pass the Pattern’ challenge. Looking forward to seeing what you will make. I’ll be in touch via email. Lesley

      • Woot woot! Thank you, I replied to your email earlier this evening (or is it morning for you??) either way, I am excited. I’ve been trying to reorder my sidebar widgets on my site using my iPad and it’s not having it…so the button is more visible. Now….I have NO EXCUSE to leave my blog virtually unattended 😏!
        It got so crazy with some family health issues that have thankfully cooled off. Looking forward to reconnect with my blog and hope for some readers once I post my Issy ☺️

  8. Your versions look great. Please include me in the draw. I am a bit bigger than both yourself and Marianna but this might be good in a knit given Mariannas experience.

  9. Lesley, I love the way you take a pattern and really work on it. As your “Rent-a-George”, my favourite is the white version. Very nicely styled. Up until a month ago I had never bought a Stylearc. Always put off by the individual sizing and the shipping costs. Since discovering multi-sized versions on UK Amazon, I am hooked. I am currently up to my eyes and working on the Taylor skirt, Mila dress and Ethel top. Yes, all at the same time. Will I ever learn? So, I wanted to comment, but please do not include me in draw.

    • Well hi there and thank you rent-a-George, the white is my fave too. I think the sheerness makes it look less T shirt more swish! Did you get to read the Brescia book? I think I’m slipping ;Q I’ve just made the Barb stretch pant of Style Arc’s today. They seem quite a nice fit, will post about them soon. Oooh that Taylor skirt looks nice. I can imagine a long zipper as a feature on stabilised ponte! Mila looks interesting, I’d have to go tonal and oooh, I love Ethel, did you get the top too in a bundle? I can see you’re readying yourself for a Portuguese summer! Wish we could see the results…

      • Yes, I did read the book. Most of his ideas, I knew already, but it does help to be reminded. Felt very inspired to have a good sort out of my wardrobe afterwards, but somehow got distracted with the sewing. So, no time. I suspect I find the sewing a whole lot more enjoyable than the other prospect. Look forward to seeing the Barb pant. Although Stylearc instructions are sparse, I feel in safe hands regarding the drafting. Everything fits together so well. By the way, the bodice part of the Mila dress makes a nice top.

  10. I agree the white is the absolute winner – you look gorgeous. I like the sheerness of it; think it shows its shape best in the lightest fabric. But thank you doing three versions – something to learn from every iteration.

  11. Oh please put me in the mix too! I have a handful of fun patterns id be happy to send off to a faraway sewing buddy 🙂

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