Pass the Pattern – winner

pass the pattern button

Hi everyone, thanks for joining in the Pass the Pattern Challenge. See the original incarnations of my Style Arc Issies here and Marijana’s original that kicked this thing off here.

Random Number Generator – hi tech instructions

Step 1- write the names on pieces of paper and pull them out of the fruit bowl at random to assign them a number, judiciously avoid the overripe tomatoes.

Step 2 – email your friend in England and ask her to pick a number between 1-10, when she has responded with her chosen number (5)…

Step 3 – locate the little piece of paper with the corresponding encrypted number/name algorithm

Voila – random number generator – analogue style!!


We’re pleased to announce the winner of the Pass the Pattern Challenge is Genevieve of Sew a Button on Your Underware. Genevieve, please do contact me and I’ll ‘Pass the Pattern’ on to you. Hmmm, I wonder what Genevieve will make of the Issy? Genevieve’s makes to date look to be quite in tune with Issy’s vibe – modern, en trend, chic.

And, quite selfishly, I wonder what will arrive in my letterbox from Genevieve?!

Thank you Marijana for getting this thing started.If you missed out this round, why not pop over to Genevieve’s blog to see her Issy interpretation. Perhaps you could enter again over there?


Thanks for joining in everybody.

Mwah, x




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  1. Wow, I was a Random Number Generator. Possibly my favourite job title ever!

    Good luck with Issy, Genevieve!

  2. Oh….and Lesley, I need your address as well. I’m trying to decide which of my stashed and unsewn patterns to put into your stitchy mitts 😉.

  3. Looking forward to seeing the new makes!

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