bra embellishment

Here in the land of Oz, we’re in full end of year ‘senior formal’ frenzy. I think that’s senior prom in the USA? Anyhoo, the purchased dresses have been Facebooked since January lest a lass turn up in the same gown as her frenemy. The boys seem to fearlessly don tuxedos of course and happily, look the same.



Princess’ friend brought her purchased dress around for me to advise on alterations – I have no time to do it for her. This girl is a statuesque red head, gorgeous, boyfriendless – though I cannot understand why? Her plain black dress has bust cups that join below boob level – as is the current trend, this girl has the proportions to carry it off perfectly. She bought a low CF ‘U’ wired bra and asked if the dress could have the CF neckline raised to cover the bra. Hmmm, I pondered. “How much attention do you want?”, “lots” was the reply, so I suggested beading the CF underwire. 1 hour of work stitching random beads in a jar given to me by a friend and the young lady in question is apparently very happy with the result!


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  1. Nice job. I have a feeling that my exposed, embellished bra days are over but you never know…

    Maybe because they are the least common type I have always thought that natural redheads are the most beautiful. Lovely to be young anyhow. Hope all of the young ladies and men e joy their formals. I do hope we will get to see Princess’s dress!

    • Definitely, if it ever gets finished! I’ve always hated exposed underwear but perhaps this is the way to wear exposed back straps when one can’t go without? ICAN imagine a similar treatment to the back band or something, food for thought.

  2. Not sure whether my previous comment made it through the system…..

    Ingenious solution! Like Stephanie, my embellished bra days are well past, but I’ll keep the idea percolating to use for the younger family members. Thank you!

  3. Braver than I ever was!! Looks lovely. Hope they have a fabulous time!

  4. I too eagerly await for the Princess. I never had such an event as I was in a boarding school for vicars’ daughters in the final years. But when I see the girls here with their faces painted orange and fire hazard prom dresses, I’m almost glad I’m not young….

    • You’re a scream Marijana!! My son calls the formal goers Doritos on account of the fake tan! I’ve warned Princess off because it will stain the dress and frankly I may be suicidal if that happens. Got *^%#^^ sewing machine oil on it yesterday – aaaargh!
      Thankfully it’s silk – fire retardant!

  5. Genius solution to that problem – and without spending time you can’t afford. I’m sure Princess will look fabulous. Do you have enough beads to cover the oil?

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