Appleton #1

Cashmerette released the Appleton wrap dress some time ago, it has been hailed by curvy sewists as the ultimate wrap dress! The pattern envelope had me sitting easily in a 12C, while I wear an F cup bra – hmmm. I was going to pop all 3 Appletons in one post but oy, the word count!


V1 – Magenta Rose inspired by this fabric, from Joy’s Fabric Warehouse – Geelong. Joy and co. have now closed their business, but they certainly excelled themselves with some excellent fabric offerings to the bitter end. I and the sewists of Geelong will really miss this shop which seemed to improve during my 1 year sojourn.

First version, loved the placement of the neckband print, but it just felt too revealing, like any minute I’d be completely uncovered!

For the first version of Magenta Rose I wrung my fists over the ‘pattern matching’ and completely f***ed it up by ignoring the obvious. How did I miss that this fabric was designed for a wrap? How did I miss that the designer had NOT intended for the diamond shapes to sit at my side waist? BIG MISTAKE and such a waste of precious fabric. Too tight, the diamond just would not sit in it’s strategic position and so off I trotted for more of this gem of a fabric calling the first version – la toile!

With so much tension on the front, the central motif was never going to be centred.

about a zillion pattern alterations after the first false start. Added lots more fabric to the ‘wrap’, more than the size 14 would have added, depth added to the armscye, lowered the waist, lengthened the dress by about 10cm and majorly altered the sleeve. In fact so many alterations that once again I was forced to ponder the wisdom of using patterns when I could have spent half a day drafting – in reality a quicker option. Though I don’t for a moment think I would have made such a beautiful job of the neck band. It just fits so well around the side and back neck.

Ta da! 2nd edition with magenta rose where the fabric designer intended!!

The stratospheric rise of the DVF inspired wrap dress surely has something to do with the adaptability to various body shapes, a one size fits most situation.  Having worn these 3 Appletons for a while now, I have to confess to an inordinate amount of adjustment and fiddle factor throughout the day and a slip is compulsory. The cleavage reveal is just too much despite massively reducing the plunge of that neckline and I’m not comfortable with so much on display – the skin ain’t what it used to be!

Also a stray breeze can leave one justifying one’s underwear choices!

7 weeks until relocation back to Sydney! Oh and I managed to download an app to my phone that allows me to use my Sony camera remotely – wee heeee!



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  1. That is a big Rose! I love both dresses and fabric prints. They are very pretty!

  2. Great job . Yes it is sad to see Joys close . I know what you mean about patterns when you could draft one yourself . Still I do think that understanding pattern drafting has helped me with alterations .

  3. Gorgeous. I love that fabric. And it’s so nice to know I’m not the only one that gets stumped with fabric design elements and where to place them!

  4. Well, I was blown away with both of them. Didn’t even notice the pattern placement till you started making such a big deal about it! I was feeling your plain with the deliemas of the deep v and wrap drama….
    I’m so impress with your attempts. In this case, ignorance would be a bliss…too bad you know so much!
    Ha…honestly , that second attempt is perfect. You are beautiful in both of them!
    Joyce from Sudbury

  5. Feeling your pain, I meant to type. Ooopiees.

  6. The fabric is stunningly gorgeous, and great photos. A wrap of any sort is too much work, wearing not sewing, I tend to sew all the bits together if I can, can’t do with all that adjusting and falling apart?

  7. What a fabric: I feel drunk on it! I hope these dresses are wearable enough and I don’t think perfect placement is all it’s cracked up to be. Getting it spot on may even be a little old fashioned, like matching handbags and shoes.

    You’re looking gorgeous and I love the hair. How quickly your time in Geelong has passed! I hope the next transition goes smoothly.

    • The original version was wearable, but just wrong. It’s been repurposed! The second is quite lovely, very wearable.
      It’s been quite a year. I’m currently sitting in a Sydney Hotel, we’re attending a friend’s wedding tonight. I’m reminded as we drive around, what a beautiful city Sydney is. It will be great to reconnect with old friends again.

  8. The fabric is absolutely stunning and perfect for your wrap creation.

  9. Shame the first one didn’t quite work because I really like the pink sleeves. Still it is such a wonderful print and the colours suit you perfectly, so the second one is a hit as well. I can never get my head around pattern placement. It is all so obvious once the garment is finished, but at the time of cutting out, well, that’s very different. Nice to see that you are doing your usual and perfecting a fit with multiple goes at it.

    • Hi there Sheree. I liked the pink sleeves too! Just thought the rose was a bit too obvious in other positions but there you go! Oh yes, I see how they’ve designed the 6097. Might have to have a go at a self draft sometime, I’ll call it the ‘handsfree wrap dress’ – for women with more to do than adjust their ‘cleavage control’ constantly!! Wish you had a blog so I could see your rendition!

  10. By the way, if you would like to experiment with another wrap, I find New Look 6097 to be easier to wear ( no fiddling) as it is a bit of a cheat wrap.

  11. You look absolutely stunning! I know what you mean about exposure though. I used to wear DVF dresses and had a few nice ones, but I stopped wearing them as I felt too exposed in the bust area, even with various solutions attempted. The look really suits you though and the fabric is stunning. As always, a funny, self-deprecating post. So sorry again that I missed this back in December!

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