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Did you ever do those quizzes in Dolly or Girlfriend as a kid? I did, just a bit of fun, not heady professional psychological advice. Princess found a ‘Fitness Personality’ Test and we took the quiz. We were both doing Crossfit in Geelong and she had been interested in what stopped her lacing up her shoes and getting on with it. Crazy as it may seem, the quiz seemed to equally describe my sewing strategy as much as my exercise strategy.

Not me haha!!

Please stop right here and do the test before reading any further, it’s a quick 5 minute, 20 question test if you don’t get waylaid staring at body builders on the site, love ’em or hate ’em! And oh my goodness, I’d always wondered about the difference between body builder’s bodies and power lifters bodies here, in case you too are curious. But, ahem, back to sewing… do try the quiz…

fitness personality test

Stephanie of My Vintage Inspiration eluded to this quiz some time ago.  Interestingly we came up with similar results, I hope she’ll chime in and comment! I don’t want to spoil the fun before you’ve done the test though, so please stop reading till you get a chance to do it… a picture of the Governator pre politics…

Well, Steph and I both came out ‘thinker’ heavy, though there were smatterings of the other traits – ‘feeler’, socialiser’, ‘provider’. Very few people would be 100% one thing. If you know Steph’s blog it will probably seem obvious that she’s a thinker. Here at SNT, I disguise my thinking as idle flim flam!

Looking at the test results, substitute the word ‘food’ for ‘fabric’ and ‘fitness’ for ‘sewing’ then you’ll probably find this quiz as revealing as we did. Find your potential pitfalls according to your dominant personality type here.

a more bronzed Schwarzenegger

Below are the pitfalls of ‘thinker’ dominant people, ie. Steph and I, they didn’t surprise!

Over-analysis – even typing that makes me wonder why so many words are hyphenated these days. Hyphens – the new modern dilemma.

Inflexible perfectionism – ummmm, I own a large packet of quickunpicks so there’s always a sharp one when I need it, I have ripped out seams till they fray to get just the right amount of ease – please tell me I’m not alone. Though judging by Princess’ unaltered waistband, perhaps I’ve learned to manage the perfectionism!

Using logical excuses as a way of rationalising not doing and having the ability to convince others of that perfectly reasonable excuse too! “I’m not making the mid blue jacket I promised myself 4 years ago because I can’t find exactly the right fabric (see above) and its summer”. “But soon it will be winter and the blue jacket would come in handy”, “perhaps, but just one more quick ‘n’ easy T shirt first”!

Program jumping in the fitness world probably equates to project jumping in the sewisphere, don’t you agree? “I will become awesome at tailoring” gets derailed as “better to use up the stash and demonstrate keen environmental consciousness” or is that just me?!!


And suggestions for sticking to the plan?

Stop thinking, start doing I hear ya, I hear ya!

Be patient This is a tough one isn’t it?

Don’t sweat the small stuff Isn’t it all small stuff that adds up to the big stuff? Thats called chunking.

Now that I’m aware of the pitfalls, I can do something to avoid them? And get exercising! Just as soon as I get rid of this boot.

But just look at what Puma made… what the heck are their designers doing loitering outside podiatrists offices!

So what’s your dominant personality? Are any of you something other than thinker? What does that type look like in your sewing life? Fascinated to hear from you, The good stuff is likely to appear in the comments… please chime in.

Addendum: House auction today, hoping for success so I can finally pull some of my sewing gear out of storage, oh my goodness how I miss my sewing gear.


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  1. They reckon I’m a provider (39%). Hm, not sure. I’m currently training for the London marathon and you really have to tap into the selfish gene to be able to dedicate yourself to the hours of running (and lazing about later)

    I have always loved these quizzes as a child so am enjoying their comeback, via the internet. My all-time favourite is where they ask such questions as
    You wake up with a stranger next to you in bed. What do you do?
    a) check for a pulse
    etc 🙂

    • And since we love bed through the era – so relevant!! So what do ‘providers’ look like? Oh and totally agree about elite athletes, selfishness is a necessity to achieve I reckon. It’s something hubs and I talk about regularly!!

  2. Another thinker here 🤔, too funny. Honestly, I can’t work unless the stars align, and yes, I’ve unpicked beyond sense to get something exactly right, what’s all that about? And don’t get me started on matching serger thread. Jeez! it’s a wonder I finish anything at all.

    P.s. I’m a random exclamation point user who’s now wondering if I should include hyphens – what do you think?

    • OMG Annie, me too with the explanation marks! I re read blog posts purely to remove 10 of the little critters! I like to think we’re somewhat perfectionistic, but wonder if there is a hint of ‘procrastinistic’ thrown in for good measure. Perhaps we respond best to deadlines, I know I do. Lovely to hear from you!!!!!

  3. Provider 45%, Thinker 35%. No wonder I never get anything done, sewing-wise. (I do much better fitness-wise as I am so cranky when I don’t exercise I can’t stand myself.

    • Hi Sox, so what does a provider mean? Do you sew for others more than for yourself? 45/35 seems quite balanced in reality. At least your regular exercise will lead to a longer life in order to get more sewing done! Win!

      • Provider: “You train when you can, but you have plenty of other pressing obligations. You tend to put your needs after everyone else’s, and there often aren’t enough hours in the day to get everything done.”
        I seldom sew for anyone else -it seems there aren’t enough hours for that either.

  4. Debbie Wilkes 27/03/2017 — 5:27 pm

    I’m a feeler – totally dominated by my mood, environment, food etc. I definitely can only sew when I feel in the mood. I often put off projects until what I feel is the ‘right’ time to start and enjoy the process. Now I know why!

  5. Provider. And like Sew2pro that doesn’t feel quite right. Also I didn’t like the quiz – seems aimed at people who make a “thing” of fitness. Protein drinks? No. And other things I don’t or can’t do. But I like the way you read across from fitness to sewing. I think there are similarities.

  6. Lesley! Argh I did not get any email updates for your recent posts so I thought you had been offline with the move. I love this piece – so funny. Why didn’t you tell me!? I would have commented all over the map. Now, I should sleep as it is very late, but I wI’ll catch up tomorrow. And by the way, I am a worse thinker than ever. I seem to just dig in and frankly I feel completely useless! But yes I have ripped seams so many times and redid the zipper in my culottes three times to very little gain…

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