On the Road again… South America

After a torturous 24 hours travel from Sydney, we found ourselves in Lima, Peru. Weather report…20-27C, humid enough to give my curl a kick! We’ve spent 2 nights in Lima because we missed it last trip, I was hell bent on seeing Museo Larco

Decorative ear expanders - pre Colombian
And the cool kids thought they invented gigantic holes in the ear lobes, these massive things are pre Columbian ear rings – just look at the diameter!

If you go, don’t be shy, visit the erotic pottery exhibition for a really intriguing insight as to how pre Colombian Peruvians viewed sex, completely cool with it being ‘recreational’ before the Spanish moved into town – seriously enlightening. No photos of THAT, this is strictly a family blog!!

Quito, Ecuador
Quito, Ecuador, the highest capital city in the world for trivia buffs. La Paz in Bolivia, a contender, is not the official capital!

Following Lima it was on to Quito, Ecuador where the others visited the Cotopaxi volcano and Lake Quilotoa. I did not, having contracted a dire bug which had me holed up in a less than illustrious hacienda acquainting myself with oregano tea and the amenities! There is nothing that makes you hate travelling more than a tummy bug – like the scouts – BE PREPARED, take antibiotics and stuff!

We took a private salsa lesson with our friends before flying into the Galápagos Islands for 1 week. At this point I’d like to draw attention to my complete lack of prowess in any activity remotely sporting, I spent my entire childhood dancing. Thank goodness we can all find our niche!

Free pattern - Tessuti fave top
Tessuti fave top – widened 2cm at the cuff and lengthened considerable keeping the same hem dimensions – just cut the pattern and lower, join up the side seams. Note the nifty mitred hem with thanks to Tessuti! Pockets added by yours truly

Onto Cuba via Panama (2-3 days would have sufficed thank you very much – we overstayed!), then Mexico (Isla Du Mejeres) to see the Mayan ruins and home via Dallas. None of this is direct, its all via somewhere we don’t necessarily want to be, such is the lot of an antipodean!
After 3 weeks on the market, our home in inner city Sydney was sold at auction for a price that had us grinning ear to ear. We’ll move 3 weeks after we return to Oz, thankfully we have a house offshore, north of Sydders that needs to be knocked down and rebuilt – the termites have had their meal, now its out turn! Being water access only, my long suffering husband will travel over the water and back in order to get to work, daily, courtesy of Uberboat (me!). This is de rigeur for the Pittwater area – we love it, but I’m just hoping it doesn’t wear thin before the rebuild!!

In order to keep this loosely sewing based, cough, splutter, I’ve added a few photos of the free Tessuti fave top in a slubby poly cotton knit from The Fabric Store ($6/m on special).  I found this free pattern to be surprisingly chic! She easily sashayed from pre snorkelling breakfast on the Galapagos boat to life jacket for the beach landing.

Tessuti fave top as dress
“Ahoy there” Caribbean, stayed at Villa la Bella on Isla Du Mujeres – recommended

After the successful house auction I had 1 week to sew like a mad woman, surrounded by packing boxes, scavenged from storage. There was manic tea chest diving adventure to find, scissors, overlocker, thread and the elusive self drafted patterns for tee shirts on which I rely heavily. They were the last thing to be unearthed and frankly I was grief stricken when they proved elusive. Imagine if the guys who packed had chucked ’em in the recycling? What was the point of a sewing spree without my patterns, everything else was replaceable. That little episode really hit home what I most cherish in my sewing life, the blocks and self drafted patterns, tweaked to near perfection over the past 3-4 years. Everything else is dispensable!

Go well friends, tell me I’m not crazy, would you cry if your TNTs were missing?


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  1. Congrats! On the sale of your house. What adventure your having…the photographs are beautiful. The white top looks so fresh and breezy , totally cool.
    I don’t have any TNT(s) to speak of…..if I Had them, I’d be devastated if they were Lost! I’m happy you found yours. Will you share some pics of the rebuild ? Will it continue to be a vacation house or will you be staying there permanently?
    Joyce from Sudbury.

    • Hi there Joyce, the new house is intended to be a permanent house but we will have to see how we go because it is further for my husband to travel to work. Lots of people do it but we’ve been spoilt as we currently live 5 min from work! Its a big commitment, building by water access only, I’m sure there’ll be stories to tell, though I’m no story teller! The white cover up has been a godsend, just enough slub to make it look natural yet just enough poly to stop it wrinkling in the packing!!

      • Good grief! Didn’t mean to send that so fast…trying to put a capital on Captian’s adventures…slip of the
        finger…anyhow I just wanted to say I will be looking forward to your posts..Joyce

  2. My TNTs are a little disorganised and unlabelled and have been lying neglected for so long that I’d find it quite liberating if they went missing along with the stash of commercial patterns: I’d have so much space. And as for those bits of stash: the 0.3m of a cute fabric I’m keeping in case I’m tempted to one day make some… what? Bunting?!

    Sounds like an interesting trip and no dodgy drug-favela Air BnB this time. Hope you’re refreshed after the adventure and long journey. You certainly look fab!

    • Haha😂 I often feel that way about my fabrics, not such a tragedy if they all fell in the harbour, though I have come to know them as my children, they have lurked so long!!
      Thanks fir the complement I’m sure it’s just a tanned mirage. Routine – arise, apply sunscreen and by 10am it’s been sweated off!!
      You getting any sewing done of late? Sometimes it’s nice to give yourself permission to pack it all away awaiting inspiration?!

      • Hi, careful how you pack that boat! I’ve made a few things in the last 6 months but never got round to blogging them. But it’s nice to read blogs and keep up with the latest from friends I’ve made. Truth is, last week I did the London Marathon which was the culmination of 4 months of training and 2 of fundraising so that’s the project that’s been consuming me lately. Now it’s over I feel it’s time to do more writing but… I have all the clothes I need for a while so the idea of making more seems excessive.

      • So sorry, Marijana, could have sworn I replied to this comment. The London marathon is such an enormous achievement, well done you. The Princess had a half marathon in her sights this year but has twisted her ankle badly, the bruising is still dissipating. You’re a fabulous writer, I’m so pleased you will continue to explore that part of yourself. Not everyone can write so well, it’s a gift and a skill worth honing 😉

  3. Looks like a fabulous trip and you’re a total advertisement for sewing your own clothes.
    And you convinced me to download the Fave top….

  4. I absolutely adore that dress!! sheer perfection. Yep, I’d be pretty devastated if I lost my tried and trues… there was a point where I misplaced my favourite, perfectly customised Tshirt pattern for several months. It turned up in the end; thank goodness. No one wants to witness the truly pathetic spectacle of a grown woman frantically upending her entire pattern collection searching for what appears to the uninitiated to be a few pieces of randomly-sized, scribbled-on tracing paper

  5. You do look fabulous, Lesley. Great news about the house. As always, inspirational sewing!

    • It really sounds like a dreamy trip. And salsa lessons, too. I have a hard time learning dance moves, but once I learn them I can move well…it takes a while though. I might have to try making that top, although I am not used to wearing big drapey things. It looks very comfortable and also chic though.

  6. Thanks for sharing your holiday and your photos! I bet you were happy to have a chance to sew… but I certainly wouldn’t be happy if some of my sewing life was missing!

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