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This blog is what happens when you give up paid work and make a pact to sew ALL the clothes. I’ve sewn since I was a kid, but have given it away more times than I care to admit. If a thing doesn’t fit, I just can’t have it in my wardrobe.

I will not allow myself to be become a quilter until I have this ‘fit thing’ under my wing!! My 2 delightful little darlings of 17 and 21 bribe me to sew for them, especially Princess who, like me, is quite bustular. Sonny Boy Jim won’t ever get a tailored jacket until he demonstrates some room tidying skills.

My very understanding husband enjoys foot acupuncture – walking barefoot into the sewing dungeon is not recommended for the faint hearted.

Lesley x




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  1. Very clever… “Foot acupuncture”. 😃

  2. I love your artistry and style – all presented with great pictures. An inspiration to me to dust off my beloved sewing machine! 🙂

  3. Just wanted to thank you for stopping by, following and leaving a comment. Sorry it took so long to approve, but I only checked my comment queue today.

  4. Hi, I have nominated your blog for the ‘Liebster’ award – see my post here for more info https://leapinglife.wordpress.com/2016/01/28/thank-you-utesmile/#more-372 Have fun if you decide to accept and participate! 🙂

  5. Foot acupuncture is worst than lego acupuncture I have heard. My sympathies to your other half

  6. Hi. Would you happen to know of anyone in Sydney who can teach tailoring?

    • Unfortunately I’ve struggled on that front having even attended Ultimo TAFE some years ago – their course was decidedly RTW! There is a private sewing school on the North Shore, I think the Tessuti website may have a link to them as they carry their flyers in the Chatswood store. Worth giving the girls at Chatswood a call perhaps?

  7. So glad to meet you. Another woman who absolutely will not wear another thing that does not fit and is not made from nice fabric. I am pursuing a perfect fit and getting close. At age 74 I am having to adapt for rounded shoulders, but I think I have managed it. I also have asthma so I am determined to make sure each garment provides me with a little big of extra room across the center back. That took some doing, but I think I finally have it.

    We visit Melbourne almost every other year and love Australia and the people. HOWEVER, I will never, ever be able to manage the snake experience the way you gals do !! I showed the picture of the snake outside your sewing room door and DH asked me to ask you what part of Melbourne are you in–probably best for us to stay in some kind of high rise in South Yarra!

    • Oh we have a place 45min from Sydney backing onto National Park, water access only here, no cars! It’s an area called Pittwater. In the city the other day i was walking the dog and happened upon an eastern water dragon about 40cm long trying but failing to get through the gate into someone’s front garden. We do enjoy our reptiles!! Sorry to hear about your asthma, we always hope people will grow out of it, Sydney is horrendous for pollen. Power to you making clothes just the way you like ‘em!!

    • Ps thanks fir alerting me to my inaccurate ‘about’, now edited!

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